Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I'll be a part of Foley Gallery's 7th anniversary exhibition. Opening tomorrow, please drop by if you are in NY.

Foley Galleryの7周年記念グループ展に参加します。ニューヨークにお住まいの方はぜひ明日のオープニングにお越し下さい。

press release
Looking Forward
7th Anniversary Exhibition

November 10 – December 23, 2011
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 10, 6-8 pm

Foley Gallery is pleased to announce our seventh anniversary exhibition featuring seven different artists, most of whom will be exhibiting at Foley Gallery for the first time. Although the core of Foley Gallery continues to be photography, there is a growing emphasis on other media. The 7th Anniversary Exhibition is concerned with looking forward and exploring the ways in which this diverse and dynamic group of artists translate, create and understand our environment.
Yumiko Kayukawa’s acrylic and ink works combine her immersion in traditional Japanese culture with her adoration of American pop culture, two worlds that are inextricably linked in her work. Lauren Seiden’s ink and graphite drawings create new, ethereal environments in which the composition is at once, sturdy and delicate.  Each and every line and layer is intentional and seems absolutely necessary in order to maintain the structure as a whole. The ways in which our environment is constructed is also realized in Amy Casey’s paintings of houses precariously stacked or strung together, as she questions the concept of what it means to be secure in one’s world and find a solid foundation within a community.
Combining the mediums of painting and photography, Bradley Castellanos is deeply invested in understanding the relationship between people and the earth: the ways in which they connect with one another, depend on one another and destroy one another. The way we see the world is also highly influenced by film, which is an essential consideration in the art of former cinematographer, David Trulli. Working primarily in scratchboard, Trulli scratches glimpses of city life into ink-coated clay surfaces on masonite with a mastery of perspective and precision that is unparalleled. Dennis McLeod’s abstract work explores fundamental ideas of simplicity, order, and repetition, to create a sense of infinite space that exists much deeper than the surface, expanding right off the edges of the paper. Zoe Zelby’s paintings are a translation of her personal response to her encounters with different cultures and natural environments, into abstract images of motion and kinetic energy.
The exhibition will remain on view until December 23, 2011. Foley Gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday 11AM – 6PM. For more information or to request images, please contact the gallery at 212.244.9081 or via email at
[Pictured Above: Yumiko Kayukawa, Cremation, Acrylic and Ink on Canvas, 18 x 14 in.]

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