Monday, April 25, 2011

Sixth Finch

My painting "Pink" is in an online magazine Sixth Finch and my newest interview is in PLUG LABEL BLOG. Check them out ;)

オンラインマガジンSixth Finchの春号に「Pink」が、PLUG LABE BLOG に最新のインタビューが掲載されました。見てネ。

Monday, April 11, 2011


It's been a month since the earthquake. I was worried about Japan during that time. Anyways I just wonder if people in Japan really knows how huge the Japan relief campaign is here. People in America immediately started charity for Japan after the earthquake. I am especially surprised about Japan relief T shirts - they are a lots of designs! It's awesome about how much Japan is be loved...
People have come up with some great designs for the purpose and it was very quick, I guess it means that people have a clear image of what Japan is. I'm happy about it.
Thank you so much America, and the world.
Here are some "cute" T shirts I found.


"Support Japan". Yes I support.

「力」。カ! Greenissue

"You are not alone". How sweet message...weeps.

"Don't give up Japan! We are in this together!" That's right!

"Support". With heart. 
「支援を」。優しくお願いされました♡♡♡ Olde Ivory

Friday, April 1, 2011


The Glenn Barr curated group show"LYRIC" is now going on at 323East gallery. I created a piece called "Is it my body", yes, Alice Cooper! The show running through April 19th. Check it out and feel how much artists love music...

あの!Glenn Barr がキュレーターを勤めるグループ展「LYRIC」が、323East galleryで開催中。私は「イズイットマイボディ」という絵で参加しています。そ、アリス・クーパー!展覧会は4月19日まで開催。アーティストの音楽好きを感じてみてね...

Article from the show:
Hi-Fructose magazine