Friday, July 22, 2011


I went this exhibition "Wolves and wild lands in the 21st century" at the Burke museum of natural history & culture. You can tell that how much I love wolves by the top page of my website. I was actually raised by a wolf (because my Ninja father and Geisha mother were too busy). It was a small exhibition, but I was so exited to be very close to real (stuffed) wolves. The white one is a Arctic wolf. dosen't he look like a brother of Princess Mononoke?

バーク自然史&文化博物館で催し中の、狼の展示会「Wolves and wild lands in the 21st century」に行ってきました。サイトの扉絵でもご存知の通り、私は狼が大好き。実は狼に育てられました(忍者の父と芸者の母は多忙だったため)。展示の数は少ないけど、本物の狼(の剥製)を間近で見れて興奮して一緒に記念撮影。白いのは北極オオカミです。もののけ姫の兄弟みたいでしょ?
There was a small table at the entrance, with post it notes and pencils. People would leave messages and wolf drawing on a board. I'm not a kid but I drew a howling wolf and left it on the board. I came back a few minutes later but my message was gone. Who took away my message for wolf!

It was my first visit to the museum,  and I didn't know that they have dinosaur and animal fossils. I should have come earlier. I am really into this stuff.

Anyways, I'm preparing a new print release right now. Soon I'll share more details. Until then! 


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  1. I suspect someone made off with your wolf picture because of its artistic quality! Somewhere, there is an art thief with a framed original Yumiko on a post-it in their art collection! ^o^